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Our Vision

Astrid Pharma Corp specializes in development of next generation nanocarrier drug delivery systems. Our patented technolgoy provides unique solutions towards personalization of medicine towards vaccination, therapeutic, and diagnostics delivery via non-invasive routes. 

Mucosa-Based Drug Delivery Platform

A Path Towards Lifestyle Medicine

Personalized medicine has revolutionized cancer treatment in the past decade. The goal of treating each patient with specific needs to achieve a more comfortable treatment process has been the goal of both academic research and pharmaceutical corporations. Hepatitis E Nanoparticle's (HEVNP’) form and function has been a major area of research to better understand the composition of macromolecular assemblies of not just synthetic HEVNP, but other icosahedral viruses. The naturally bioadhesive HEVNP is structurally feasible for surface modifications and entrapment of theranostics towards mucosal delivery. 
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Our Unique Platform

> Non-Infectious Protein Capsid
> Multi-Antigen Presentation Platform
> Custom Tissue Targeting Conjugation
> Encapsulation & Delivery of DNA, RNA,    Proteins, Peptides, and even Nano-Metals

What we do

Over the past +20 years, our scientists have dedicated a lifetime of research to develop a stable nanocarrier platforms for delivery of therapeutic and diagnostics agens with high potency and high accuracy. Our research is focused on the development of mucoadhesive protein-capsid-based drug delivery systems by drink. Astrid Pharma Corp offers solutions backed by ground-breaking scientific discoveries to make the "needle-free" drug administration dream, a reality. 
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Gut-Stable Protein Capsid For Oral Drug Delivery
Multiple-Antigen Presentaiton Platform
Chemically Activatable Nanocapsids
Hepatitis E is feco-orally transmitted. Unlike the Hep. E virus, which is composed of 180 copies of the monomeric subunits, HEVNP is a smaller protein capsid, with 60 subunits. HEVNP is non-infectious and still retains the pH and enzyme degredation resistence of Hepatitis E virus. Such stability, provides an opportunity to use synthetic HEVNP as a platform for oral administration. 
HEVNP retains the antigenic properties of Hepatitis E virus. With 60 repeated protrution spikes, this non-infectious vaccine delivery platfrom can display a multitude of peptdies, protein, and metal nanoparticles on its surface. Together, with HEVNPs gastrointestinal tract stability, the platform is highly potent and responsive towards triggeting a strong immune response. 
Through chemical engineering, the surface of synthetic HEVNP is highly modulatable. Various peptides, small proteins, and metal nanoparticles can readily be conjugated to the surface of HEVNP. Such chemical activation and surface functionalization allows for accurate tissue-specific delivery towards cancer treatment. Also, conjugation of heavy metals can be used as theranostic agent. 
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Researchers at UC Davis, City of Hope, Taipai Medical University and National Health Research Institutes in Taiwan have discovered how a drug that deprives the cells of a key amino acid specifically kills cancer cells. 
Peptide fusion with or encapsulation of nucleic acid by the truncated capsid protein of the hepatitis E virus (HEV) can cause specific antigenic responses in the host.
Researchers at the University of California, Davis have engineered a nanocapsid composed of Hepatitis E virus (HEV) capsid protein that is resistant to acid and proteolysis.
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